Familiar Strangers

‘Familiar Strangers’ is a collection of 5 songs all about strangers, focusing on the grey area between mystery and discovery. Each a tale of their own, Familar Strangers takes the listener through stories focusing on the rise and fall of a stranger’s journey into another’s life. It was recorded late 2018 over a period of rainy days in Southampton’s Untapped Talent studios, with mixing and production support from Matt O’Donnell.

This includes tracks such as “Change The Rules”, described by Divide And Conquer as having the folkish style of the Beatles and The Kinks, while “Let Me Be” has a “fuller, rocking sound with a style that’s more pop and familiar”. Later on in the EP is the track “Back into Nowhere”, described as “mysterious… soothing and mellow.. The best example of New Town Jack’s sound”.